Welcome to my website, which is designed to describe my books and other writings and indicate where you can buy them, while modestly trying to persuade you how you’d enjoy reading them. I’ll start below with two 2021 books: Amplified Silence is my first book of poetry, and Tenure is my first novel.

“. . .  Amplified Silence shows how ‘the past reaches forward,’ while precisely measuring the volume-level at which silence itself rises to speak. In multiple dimensions it will leave readers moved and enlarged.” ~ Allan Briesmaster, author of The Long Bond.

“. . . Kieran Egan’s humorously thoughtful poetry excels at evoking the lives of children and animals . . . His linguistic skills will charm and beguile.” ~ Christopher Levenson. First editor and co-founder, ARC magazine. and author of Night Vision and A Tattered Coat upon a Stick.

“. . .  Insights about memory, humanity and mortality bloom from the “root of this writing hand” and will linger in the mind long after the reader turns the last page.” – Fiona Tinwei Lam -author of Odes and Laments” and Enter the Crysanthemum

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Look out for this novel in mid-September, 2021, from NeWest Press in Canada. Publisher’s blurb:

  “Saved from certain death on the Whistler-Vancouver  highway after his luxury car malfunctions, Mark Morata feels honour-bound to reward his rescuer, Geoff Pybus, with a token of his undying gratitude. Geoff, a frustratingly humble university professor who is happy with his family’s lot in life, only wants what no one could actually give: for his friendly, straightforward wife to get tenure at her university. Luckily, Mark is a man for whom impossible is just another word. As a sophisticated importer-exporter of certain recreational substances (“drug lord” is such a cliché), Mark gets to work on the academic world with the same relentless nature that helped him climb to the top of the cartel. However, the hallowed halls of the university campus reveal an environment that is vicious and corrupt beyond anything he has encountered in the drug business…

Kieran Egan’s Tenure is a wildly entertaining satire mash-up, where Don Winslow’s Border trilogy collides with Julie Schumacher’s Dear Committee Members, and Richard Stark’s Parker trades barbs with Kinglsey Amis’s Lucky Jim or David Lodge’s wild campus comedies.”

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